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    Unanswered: PostgreSQL Connection String Help

    I'm trying to connect LibreOffice 'Base' application to my PostgreSQL database. I CAN however connect via command line (psql & pgAdmin3) from this MacBook Pro to my database fine over TCP:5432.

    When I'm setting up my connect string, I'm doing:

    Driver=PostgreSQL ANSI;Server=db1;Port=5432;Database=zoo;Uid=carlos;Pwd=password;sslmode=require;
    Sadly the above fails over and over. The error indicates:

    QL Status: HY092
    Error code: 5
    Error in database URL 'sdbc:postgresql:Driver=PostgreSQL ANSI;Server=db1;Port=5432;Database=zoo;Uid=carlos;Pwd=password;sslmode=require;':
    invalid connection option "Driver"
    According to this URL:

    PostgreSQL-SDBC is bundled with LibreOffice 3.5 beta / release candidate builds on all platforms.
    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here or how I can properly connect my LibreOffice 'Base' application to my database server?

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    maybe you should not use the text ANSI ?

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