I'm a new member and this is my first post.

About me - I have a computer engineering degree, some background creating and customizing basic databases in Microsoft Access, Vtiger, and SugarCRM, but I do not consider myself a database programmer by any means. I'm currently using Vtiger as my CRM system and Insightly to track market intelligence.

I need help. - I'm looking for a database recommendation to replace Insightly that is preferably hosted, but if not, Windows based. My goal is to track many companies, their relationship to each other, and the date the last time the relationship was verified. For instance (making up some fictional data):

Delphi is a manufacturer
Ford is a manufacturer,
ABC is a dealership
DEF is a repair shop
GHI is a parts store
JKL is a auto parts distributor

Delphi supplies parts to Ford (verified 1-1-2013), ABC (verified 3-2-2013), JKL (verified 7-14-2013)
Ford supplies to ABC (verified (2-3-2013), JKL (verified (3-24-2013)
ABC supplies DEF (verified 2-3-2011)
GHI supplies DEF (verified (8-28-2013)
JKL supplies DEF(verified 6-23-2013), GHI (verified (7-7-2013)

Although Insightly tracks the relationships, it doesn't track the date the relationship was verified. I'm also just not crazy about Insightly and the way the lack of structure. Does anyone have any recommendations on a solution that is straight-forward to implement, somewhat proven/stable, and supported.

In advance, I appreciate any and all recommendations and direction that can be provided.

All the best - BostonDan