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    Unanswered: MS Access Layout

    I am setting up my first Access database. I have worked with Access for several years but I have never set one up from scratch. I have attached the current layout of the table.

    After looking at the current layout, my questions so far are:

    1. Can UnitID (Foreign Key) be used in each table?

    2. There are addresses that invoices are mailed to. Some of the
    addresses are located in the Unit table and others are associated with the contacts? Should I set up a separate table that would contain invoice addresses only? This would duplicate some of the information in the Unit table. Or would I add address information in the contact table? Or do I put all the addresses in one table?

    3. Within the Dues table there is a field WageBase. This field will increase each year based on the wage increase. Do I leave this field blank and set up an update query based on the old wage and the wage increase would be the new wage?

    Thank you
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    1. You put a FK (foreign key) in a table if it is required in your relationship layout.

    2. Place the addresses for the units in the units table. No need to have the addresses in the conatcts as the contacts will have the same mailing address as the units.

    3. You place the current wage as the base wage then run an update query to increase the base wage by the increase rate etc.

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