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    Question Unanswered: Making Thumbnails Programatically

    I have an MS Access 2003 application that an user wants to select photos to put on a report (a form would be nice also, but due to slow render speed I said I couldn't do that). I have already put together the parts to select a photo and store the path to that photo, that I then assign to an image control in the on print event. But, it of course opens slow as hell due to the image size. Also, this person is not technically adept and has done things like choose photos that were in transitional locations, that then don't show, of course, on the report.

    Well, to end my rambling, here it is: does anyone know of a good, vba way to create a thumbnail out of a chosen photo. My thought is to create a thumbnail of the chosen photo and store the path to that instead of the path to the original photo.

    I thank you in advance for your time and your replies.

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    um not aware of any control library that will do what you want within Access. There may well be but yo'd need to do a search for it

    what you coudl do though is use a langauge that does have that facility (ferinstance using PHP) and shell out to PHP when you need to create a thumbnail.
    How to Create Thumbnail Images using PHP

    PHP isn't just a web scripting language it can also be used as a standalone development environment.

    however one thing to be aware of is that shelling out to a command line can be seen as suspicious behaviour by some anti virus programs.
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