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    Unanswered: More User Samples


    Excellent site and the only one I have come across that has users giving their inputs on Brilliant Database.

    Am an absolute n00b in this field and hope to learn the ropes fast.

    Would be nice if some of the senior and more experienced members post some of their older works out here as examples. Or atleast some of the basic db's that n00bs would like to learn from.

    Example: I would love to see a simple payroll or accounting db example.


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    Wow... more than a 130 views... and not one comment or contribution!!

    C'mon guys... sharing is caring!! Lets see some of your older projects here!! All other sub forums seeing a lot of activity except out here. Liven it up!!

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    While it is up to individuals to make their own decisions I don't think too many developers woiuld release complete applications. Even basic applications would likely involve many hours of work and a large one could be months with fine tuning over years. Releasing these in to public arena would be something that most people would not be too keen on. On the other hand this forum has many people who are only too happy to help with specific problems or general tips, even basic demo files - in this way we help and learn from each other.
    Just my thoughts.

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    I've been super busy so I'm sorry I've not been around.

    For me, I've no problem helping out with creating an uploading databases that help people solve any problem they may have, but uploading complete / finished applications that I've implemented for clients is a different story. Can't do that.

    That being said, I personally won't see anyone stuck if they have a problem and I've the free time to help. So if anyone has any specific requests to see how something is done, I'm happy to help anyway I can.


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