Greetings fellow forum members,

My friends and I are looking at starting up a time-bank of sorts and would like a way to track all of the info to make things easier. I recommended using a db cause it seemed like the best solution and I have some experience working with databases (creating/modifying), but it has been many years since I've had to call upon that skill set and I'm sure there have been a lot of improvements and new features since the last time I had to make one. I will try and lay out what I have so far and what I'm trying to achieve and hopefully someone will be able to assist me, or tell me it can't be done. I am working on a netbook running Ubuntu 12 and LibreOffice Base to create the db. Here is what I have so far, no relationships have been made yet, I just started working on this last night so I only have the tables so far (didn't want to get ahead of myself and do more work than needed).

1. Team member table (Name, available points)
2. Task list table (Name, point value of task)
3. Completed Task table (task name, pointt value of task, date, time, contributing members)
4. Point cost table for tasks and special tools/equipment to borrow (task/tool, point cost, date, member requesting)

Track the points earned/spent by members as they complete/request tasks and tools/equipment. I am looking for a way to input the completed task(s) and add the points only to the pools of the contributing members of the entered task. Groups are not pre-determined and change by task and have 1-20 people. I need a way of updating multiple records simultaneously instead of having to update the points one record at a time. I won't be the only one entering completed tasks, so I'm trying to make a user-friendly form with a dropdown box with multi-select or a checklist to select which members participated in the completed task and get the awarded points.

Jim, Steve, Rob, and Dave have all been tasked to replace the roof on Cindy's house. The task is worth 500 points, when the task is completed I would need to add the 500 points to Jim, Steve, Rob and Dave but not to any of the other members in the table. Then I would record the request for the task and deduct 500 points from Cindy, as well as points from the group/Cindy for any tools/equipment needed to complete the task (negotiated between group and Cindy, depending on available points).

If someone could help me out with this I would greatly appreaciate it, it has been so long since I've had to do any of this it makes me feel like a rookie all over again lol.

Thank you for your time,