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    Hello - new in using Access database. A brief background of my project: In a daily basis I would upload date, account balance, account number (Balance table) and rates (Rates table). Then I would run a query to calculate interest payment (Query Calculation). Then I will append this query to a new table (Balance-Int table). Now, I want to track the interest payment and attach it to a General Ledger account. The GL account has 2 parts: main and sub accounts. So, I created a sub-account table (SubAcc table) and linked it to the main account table (GL table). Now, I created a query from SubAcc table and Balance-Int table but whenever I pull out the date and corresponding information it would pull out 7 of the same records (ie. jan 1, 123456, jan 1, 123456...). Is there something that I am missing? Any help would be appreciated. I know my database is from from ideal but gotta start from scratch. Thanks!

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    You can set Duplicate Values to NO by right clicking in your qry over where the Labels are shown and choose properties and then Unique Records.


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