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    Question Unanswered: Database design questions

    So, here is my story...

    I am 17, and my dad hooked me up with this awesome opportunity at his work. He works with a store fixtures company (we make stuff for companies like Walmart, things like those cash counters at checkout) and since I am good with computers they are setting me up with all these types of jobs related to just that, computers.

    It started with me fixing two computers, and now they have me making a database in Access. I've never touched Access in my life, but after watching/reading a few tutorials I got my grasp on things and know my way around sorta. I do not know any of the coding though for one, and I am still VERY new to this.

    To make things easier to describe I sketched up two pictures in Microsoft paint, just to help me out here (attached below).

    First, is the log in screen. You start it up, and end up on this screen. Now my boss wants me to set it up so it is attached to a software called Trakware. If you know what that is, GREAT! If not.. well to sum THAT up, it's a huge software that helps them track their employees. Each employee has an ID, they use it to sign in and out each day, use it to order materials for projects, etcetc.

    Anyways, when you click log in after typing in your Trakware ID he wants it to pop up to a GUI like the other picture; the database. He wants it so you can type in the information, and be able to click add to add a field into the database, remove to remove one highlighted on the list below, or search if anything (meaning you don't have to fill out all fields, one is enough for example if there is 1xWalmart, 7xTigerdirect, 4xCanadiantire, and 2xHome Depot in that list, and I type Walmart under customer above and click search it will only show me that 1 Walmart information.

    The prev and next buttons let you scroll down the list one at a time, though you can also use the mouse wheel/the scroll bars to the side and bottom of the information.

    The x in the top right corner would log you out and take you back to the main menu (log in screen).

    My main question here is, where would I start? I'm drowning in so much information that I'm so confused, some tutorials make Access look simple while others show me the complicated side of things and it blows my mind! I searched on tutorials of how to make custom search fields with no results, I also searched for how to make a GUI that pops out of access with no luck. If any of you would be able to help me here, I will be so thankful!
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    Best Advice I can give right now
    is not to start doing anything in Access
    get to grips with the data,once you have the data scheme sorted out hen you can move on to designing forms, reports and so on.

    Fundamentals of Relational Database Design --
    The Relational Data Model, Normalisation and effective Database Design
    are worth a read
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