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    Unanswered: Changing a calculation into a fixed figure

    Hi - I have a form within BDB that carries out nearly 300 calculations for each record, this only applies to one financial year. The totals are then carried forward to the next year where another 300 calculations are made.

    As the years roll forward so do the number of calculations, and the current is therefore dependant on the all the previous years calculations.

    Is there anyway of fixing the totals from a previous year so that they can be discarded, reducing the size of the database and the dependency on keeping all the previous years data.

    Many thanks

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    Not sure if have a handle your setup but is it possible to transfer your totals to a dedicated form (table) with a reference id and then delete the old data?
    Provided you have a key to identify these totals, they then could be related to new data set for next year.


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