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    Question Unanswered: Finding which records have changed since a certain period in time

    I am building an EDW where the 10 source systems are a series of Sybase ASE version 12.5.3 databases. Each evening, we need to pull the records that have changed since the last load over to the EDW box load environment, and then processes them to add them to the EDW.

    Is there any easy way to query a sybase table and determine which records have changed since a certain time? We would store the last run time in another table, keyed by each table, and then each subsequent pull would update the run time.

    The DB has over 1000 tables, so is there a transaction log we could pull this data from rather than looking at each of the tables individually?

    Any thoughts? Also, is there a place where I can find which records were Deleted during the day?

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    Is it an option to delete all records from the past, say, two weeks from the EDW and import all records from that time period from your source databases?
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    No, the EDW is used daily and I need it to be updated nightly with the records that were changed/added/deleted from the source systems nightly.

    I used to work on Datacom, Oracle, IMS, IDMS, DB2 and a few other RDMS, and most of them, if I remember right, had a time stamp on records that could be used to find which ones changed from a certain time one. It looks like time stamps in Sybase are just counters.


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