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    Unanswered: Extract file from database (in BLOB)


    I would like to extract a file from a database. The file is stored in a BLOB format

    Can I extract the BLOB file from the database using an SQL code/command or is there another way in which I can extract the file?

    The file is stored as a BLOB but is actually a ZIP file (if that makes any difference)

    What is the normal method of extracting a BLOB file?

    Thanks in advance

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    The simplest way to extract a zip file from a blob depends on the tools that you have available.

    If you don't have an application (probably the one that put your zip file into the database in the first place) that will extract the zip file for you, then I'd suggest using PowerShell 3.0 or later.

    I might be able to give you a better answer if I understood how you came to be in the position of having a zip file that you want to access embedded in a database. This is not a problem most users ever face, so a bit of background might help me find a simple answer for you.

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    Hi Pat

    so our company interacts with this database through a web interface that we do not manage (same with the sql server).

    so the users that I look after, go onto the web interface and have an ability to upload a file to the record. Usually things like emails/notes/logs, documentation that is stored upon request of our superiors.

    This database system however, is not fully sufficient for our needs so we often upload files to the record for our own benefit.

    The problem comes when we want to extract data, if we move the record to a different user group (to do part of their job in the request) and then the record gets sent back to our group, we are unable to view the files on the web interface but we can show they are still there from the blob files...

    now that we know the blob files are there, we would like to be able to look at them to check notes/logs/emails etc...

    we just dont know how to get the blob back into its zip format.

    i hope this made sense, somewhat... i know the situation doesnt make too much sense but we are unable to change those circumstances so this is the issue we have to deal with -.-

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