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    Unanswered: Connecting to a table with a where Clause

    Can you change a control source of a unbound text box in a form to select a table then feild but also with a where clause ?

    For example

    Select Slacostsum.w1schpark where MID='April';

    I have set the Forms record source to the Table

    Thank you

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    in short yes
    but in detail I haven't got a clue as I cannot decypher what you are asking.
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    Sorry Healdem

    I have a table which holds a template for a costing which is broken down weekly for each month most of the calculations are performed in a query, rather than as per your previous advise not to create a table for each month I have a table that has the following coloums and rows. Each W?SchPark has a default value but does change on a weekly bases, so the user will need to be able to change the data from a form.

    MID W1SchPark W2SchPark W3SchPark W4SchPark W5SchPark

    January 168 168 168 168 168
    February 168 168 168 168 168
    March 168 168 168 168 168

    Is there away to alter say W1Schpark where MID = February ? from the control source ?

    Or am I going about this the wrong way for creating the table

    Thank you

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