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    Unanswered: New & Old Tables, how to identify new items added?

    I have two tables that I compare on a weekly basis to calculate the earned weekly quantitites by variance between the numbers in the two tables: "LastPeriod" and "ThisPeriod." However the "ThisPeriod" table is evolving meaning new data items/Rows (New areas) are added to it regularely. For these new added items, the earned weekly quantities are exactly similar to the new added value. And for these items there was not any corresponding item in the "PrevPeriod" table. Therefore if I use a formula to find the variance between the two tables based on a common key, the formula does not capture the newly added item. Now the question is what would be the best way to identify these newly added items? I have tried "valu=null" or "valu=0" but neighter works. How can I find the items that exist in the new table, but did not exist in the last week's table?

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    its all down tot he JOIN
    consider using the query wizard to get some ideas
    If Im interpreting your problem correctly you want all rows for this period AND rows matching the previous period or possibly all rows which aren't in the previous period

    how ytou go about that is down to your design.
    you coudl use the propr 'JOIN' syntax or match rows using the WHERE syntax
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