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    Question Unanswered: Confusing a newbie. Hopefully easy for someone with knowledge! please help

    Hi, I have an problem that I really need help with. I been trying to get around it all day. Its been simplified below so I don't lose anyone.


    1. I have a list in an excel sheet or text file, its a list of names of people who have a particular hobby that is taken from a website. Theres around 600 names for each hobby and around 250 hobbies.

    2. I have a table in my database for people with all their statistics, height, weight etc. (table 1)

    3. I have another table in my database for hobbies (table 2). Each hobby is listed here. I have a field in this table that has a look up for persons name from the people table (table 1). So each hobby record has a field which has a combo box showing all the peoples names (from table 1) and allows me to tick who likes a specific hobby (The list is 600 strong and from table 1 name field). Still with me?


    It would take me hours and hours to fill in each combo box ticking everyone who likes each hobby. But luck would have it I have all the information in a text file/excel file. How can I paste all the names into the combo box of names field in the hobbies table. I've tried but since I've used the look up wizard, it saying its a numerical value type in design view and I must tick the names and not copy and paste them in when datasheet view. Or maybe there is another way for me to copy and paste all this information into the hobbies.PersonsName (but it must also link to the PersonsName Field in table 1 at the end of all this)

    Please help, Ive been at this problem for hours and hours and cant figure it out.

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    You need three tables, one for people, one for hobbies and one that list each person for each hobby.

    Post your database and your excel/text file data as it maybe possible to do it using code.

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    getting the data into the db isn't going to be that difficult (getting the data into a useable form might be a bit trickier
    you can import excel into Access, then using queries you can send the data inte tables. but as Poppa Smurf says the first step is get your table design right
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