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    Unanswered: Where conditioning through Navigational form

    Building this web database

    I have a Navigational form [Parking Navigation]

    Inside that I have a subForm [Search]

    On that form I have an unbound text box called [VRN] and a button Called Search

    The search button opens a form [Vehiclerecords] with a where clause


    This works directly from the form but not from the navigational form. I have read that it takes on the Parent form which is [Parking Navigation]

    in the properites under data the is a "navigational where clause" but I have tries and it does not work

    Any ideas


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    Not sure that the reference to [Forms]![Search] is available on the web form. Try:
    Dim varVRN as Variant
    varVRN = [Forms]![Search]![VRN]
    WhereClause = "[VRN]='" & varVRN & "'"
    ' If VRN is numeric, use:
    ' WhereClause = "[VRN]=" & varVRN
    Have a nice day!

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    Still problems

    Unfortunitly Vba is not an option in a web database only macros are availible

    I have tried creating a macro with a settempvar

    Name= Varvrn
    Expression= [Forms]![Search]![VRN]

    Then in the open form where conditioning I have


    But this does not work either

    Any other ideas

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