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    Unanswered: need help getting the data where I need it

    HI. Using Access 2007. I have a table with name, room#, Bed#. I have been able to use the crosstab query to get a great table with this information. but now...
    The current form, that has to be used, contains the room and list of the beds. I need to have the names put into the corresponding slots. see example sheet attachment for better understanding.
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    can we see how the data is stored (the tables & columns)

    I do hope you aren't using the hash symbol in your column names, its one of the reserved symbols

    I would expect your data to explicitly assign a person to a bed for a specific period of time (ie a booking)
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    I hope the screen shots explain better.
    I am not using the # in the column names.

    The table and the query give me the correct information that I need. Problem is getting it to show on the form correctly.

    ie. from query:... if row 101 and coloum a ="xxx" then put "xxx" in label 21.

    the ie may be more confusing..sorry
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