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    Do I have the right entities?

    Could I get a little help with the entities and attributes on this one?

    AllCars wishes to create a system to monitor the rental of vehicles to clients. The company has various outlets and each outlet has staff including a Manager and a number of mechanics. Each outlet has a stock of vehicles for rent that may be rented by clients for various periods of time. Each rental agreement between the customer and AllCars is identified through a rental number. A client must take out insurance cover for each vehicle rental period and a vehicle is checked for faults after each rental.

    so what are the entities here? customer rentrals veichles mechanic and manager?Thanks!

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    You could use employees as an entity for both the mechanic and manager and job description as a column, You can then link each manager and mechanic in another table say reports_to.

    Hope this helps.

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    Right Entities?

    You may wish to consider Vehicle Category and also Branches (Retail Outlets)...

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