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    Unanswered: sql server book

    dear all,
    i want to learn sql server administration,will you please tell me a good book name to start learning sql server? thanks in advance.

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    You might want to start with understanding that MySQL (the forum you posted in) is a completely different thing than SQL Server. Please post in the approriate section.
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    Thread moved to SQL Server topic.
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    1. get a copy of sql server. there is a free version for download called express or you can buy the developer edition on amazon for ~$45.
    2. read the documentation. it is called SQL Server Books Online.
    3. participate in community message boards like this one.
    4. go to a users group meeting if there is one near you.
    5. the Microsoft press books are rather good, but I have not been reading the admin ones in quite some time.
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