Devart software development company introduces new versions of Oracle comparison tools: dbForge Data Compare for Oracle and dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle. Both of the comparison tools for Oracle server are significantly improved and provide new capabilities for SQL script editing and execution. Take a look at the list of new features of dbForge Comparison tools below.

Oracle 12c Support
dbForge Data Compare for Oracle and dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle now support the latest version of Oracle server Oracle 12c.

SQL Code Formatter
Now dbForge Comparison tools provide such features of SQL Code Formatter as: support for formatting profiles and expanded formatting options for different clauses, the capability to output options preview by using Preview window.

Code Completion
In the new release of Oracle Comparison tools developers can feel the benefits of SQL code suggestions that help to write queries easily.

Application performance with Oracle server
All the regular users of dbForge Data Comparison for Oracle and dbForge Schema Comparison for Oracle can evaluate significantly improved application performance with Oracle server and feel difference with faster execution of objects description process and improved execution of metadata description for Code completion.

Microsoft Windows 8.1
Support for application development on the latest version of Microsoft OS Windows 8.1 allows developers to use Devart tools for Oracle database comparison and synchronization more efficiently.

Miscellaneous features
Apart from the main features, dbForge Comparison tools for Oracle contain new minor features:
  • New window docking system which supports switching between tool windows by the CTRL+TAB keys
  • Working with Oracle on Amazon RDS
  • New Metropolis and VS2010 skins
  • Availability of a snapshot schema creation feature in all the products and all the editions.

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