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    Unanswered: Form Interface Deaign

    Dear All
    How can Professional interface design on Accesse so that the interface does not feel that it was designed program Accesse
    Is there an example

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    What do you mean? You design a form the way you want.
    Have a nice day!

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    Thank You My Dear Teacher
    My Dear Teacher You could design Professional model so that they are distinct interface similar interfaces VB.NET OR C#...

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    when designing forms in Access you have (at least) two options.
    use the form design wizard to layout controls for the current data source
    create a blank form and palce what controls you want, where you want.
    ...and then edit either or both to get the look, feel and functionality you want.

    if you are using unbound recordsets then you need to start with a blank form, sorry red its easier to start with a blank form

    most of the Access stuff I do is for small apps, so I tenf to be lazy and use bound recordsets and get Access you 'plonk' tghe controls I need onto the form and then modify to my hearts content (or the applciations requirements). If im using a remote data source through a server then I tend to use unbound recordsets/controls and therefore start from a blank form.

    I've also used blank forms / reports if there is a complex requirement that cannot be satisfied from one recordsource... eg dispalying a weekly scehdule, whewre therte may be lots for rows for a day but the user wants to see the schedule as a 5 day composite picture
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    thank you my dear teacher

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