I am very new to access and need some help.
I have a table called MAIN
A form called frmNew_Record
A Second Table named tblRecord
In the form used to create new records, there is a field named Department. Then a second field names Recordtype. I would like the user to be able to filter the choices of the Recordtype box by what they enter in the Department box. The second table has only 2 fields DeptName, and Recordtype. This is where I have listed all the possible choices. So there are say 10 records in this table that say DeptName “Exectutive Office” and a Recordtype . Each record lists another possible record type for that department.
I need a code that will tell the form, specifically the Recordtype box on the form (on click) to only display the drop down choices that relate to the specific Department already selected higher up on the form. I now it has to be something like this
Select Recordtype from recordtypes in MAIN where DeptName=frmNew_Record.Department.values
I really need some help.