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    Unanswered: Conditional format based on 2 fields

    I need Conditional format as follows:
    If ‘mydate’ is older than 3 days, or ‘myType’ is ‘Emergency’, then the row should be red
    Can this be done with regular Conditional format without sql?
    Thank you

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    well you can't do it with SQL....
    ..that only affects data not presentation

    Im not aware that you can apply conditional formatting, and I guess you are using continuous f. there re some tricks you can play with continuous forms but they are detailed on this site.

    what I'd suggest you do is actually filter your rows, so pressign a button (radio or command) shows those rows. presumably you need several states, (all, emergency, aged, non emergency non aged (or a combination of those, so perhaps a combo box may be the way to go).
    so you place some code behind your combo box which specified a filter and applies it
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    I’m using continuous f

    I only want to affect presentation, not data.

    If ‘mydate’ is older than 3 days, or ‘myType’ is ‘Emergency’, then the row should be colored.

    Sorry, maybe I was not clear enough.

    Can this be done with Conditional format?

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    1. Right-click on the control to which you want to apply a conditional format.
    2. In the Condition combo, select "Expression Is".
    3. Add this condition:
    (DateDiff("d",[MyDate], Date) > 3) Or ([MyType] = "Emergency")
    4. Select the format you want to apply when the condition is true.
    Have a nice day!

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