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    Unanswered: Forms to view/edit/submit to SQL Server

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this, feel free to move this to wherever it should belong to.

    Currently, I have a set of data that is available on a SQL Server. I want to be able to display the information in the front-end (ie. Access form, excel, webpage?), and if the user wants to edit any information they may do so and with a click of a button, submits to the sql server.

    I am not extremely familiar with the sql world (I can only write queries), so I am wondering what kind of options are out there that can achieve this and..maybe relatively simple for beginners.

    Thanks all,

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    MS Access, using either linked tables or (better yet), and Access Data Project, provides a quick and dirty front-end for simple SQL Server edits.
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