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    Unanswered: UPDATE to same value logged DB2 z/OS

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know if updating to the same value in DB2 z/OS is logged or not . ( seems DB2 for LUW leaves you the choice )

    Doing the test on DB2 v10 z/OS doesn't return anything with log analyzer, but Query Monitor shows :
    Log Records Written 1
    Log Bytes Written 170


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    I think your query monitor is showing you DB2 keeping track of an update being run, but it probably isn't being externalized as there was no change. Goes back to a question I had from development team some years ago. They were inserting a record, updating it 7 times, then issuing a commit. They wanted to know why Log analysis tool only showed an insert, it was because the insert had not been externalized prior to the updates. I tried explaining that they should probably perform the updates to their data prior to inserting to DB2, they instead added commits between the insert and each of the updates, so that they could show they were updating the record 7 times. Yeah, that company not in same business anymore


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    Thanks Dave,

    I'll continue trying to get some insights in this subject .


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