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    Unanswered: Removing Unwanted Spaces From Table Fields, Access 2007

    Hi All,

    I have a concern in IMPORTING data from Excel to Access Table,
    Actually I'am importing bulk data from excel to access table using codes, in which code will auto generate the temptable and uplaod the data to temptable late move required data to the target table.

    My problem is that while creating the temptable im not specifing the lenfg of the fields, cos data is like that, but in target table im getting unwanted extra SPACES after the text, How to get rid of this.

    Thanks in advance
    Prasanna R.D

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    use the trim function Or if you prefer the rtrim
    you could do it before you write the data to an Access table
    myvariable = trim(myvaluefromexcel)
    ...myNthvariable= trim(myNthvaluefromexcel)
    or after the data is written to an Access table
    update mytable set column1 = trim(column1), column2 = trim(column2), ... columnn = trim(columnn)
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