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    Unanswered: Access application in Dropbox

    Has anyone experience in using an Access application in a Dropbox environment ?

    Is it anyhow possible to use Access in a Dropbox, so that different users can user the application simultaneously? I assume the answer will be NO

    Or has anybody found a wonderful solution.

    Thanks in advance !

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    I was looking into this very thing a few moments ago and from what I've learned you can use Access via Dropbox but not in multi-user mode because drop-box will only recognise one of the user's input at a time and this could result in the other users's work getting over-written.


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    If you try to use Dropbox and have two users having Access open at the same time, you will get a conflicted copy backup when you save from another computer. So, you will then have two versions - one from one computer and the other from a second computer in the Dropbox. They will both be different as each person has made changes. The person with the database open first has control of it. The second one creates a backup-conflicted copy when saved.

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