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    Unanswered: converting DDL from DB2 to Oracle

    Hi all,

    This is the first time i'm converting a db2 luw 9.7 fp 8 database structure (no data) into Oracle 11.2. I've been trying sql developer for few days but the migration wizard is just not moving past the "creating tables" phase under "installing repository" phase of the migration. i haven't waited longer than 2 hours though - I feel as if it shouldn't take so long to convert just the structure

    I read that i could multi-select the tables and then "copy to oracle" but that omit's relationships (SQL Developer: Migrating Third-Party Databases). I could take this route granted an easy process to set up parent-child relationships.

    Could someone please guide me towards light on an automated process to convert my db2 database objects with relationships.

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