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    Unanswered: Urgent please need help.

    I am very new to this Acces.I am trying to design a payroll system.

    I have Created an Employee table with the following fields :EMP Id ,Name,Basic Pay,Total Working Days in a month,Actual Worked Days ,Earned Salary.
    Now i have created Form with all the fields in the Table and am calculating the Earned Salary using Control source using Earned Salary=BasicPay/Total no of working Days in month* Actual Working Days.
    Now i want to populate this calculated field in the table. I will be giving the Actual Days as input on the form because this value will be changing for employees based on their Days present.So,Can you please help me out.

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    Storing calculated values, in a Table, is seldom appropriate, with only a few specialized exceptions, and this scenario is not one of those. They should simply be re-calculated, as needed, in Forms, Queries or Reports.

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    Hope this helps!

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