Hi Everyone,

I have a small project where I need to write a JAVA program that can join two sqlite databases containing the same tables.
Data in the tables of each database are indexed using pseudo-keys, but each item
also has a key that is unique over all databases (global identifier: GID).
Each item is tagged by a "creation date".
When instances of the same record are found with different dates, store only
the most recent (based on creation date).

A separate file (config_file) is provided that specifies fields in each table that correspond to preferences.
Only the newest should be stored (based on the field "preference date").

GID_key_field_1, ..., GID_key_field_k;
GID_date, GID_difference, GID_field_1(table.foreign_field),...., GID_field_1;
local_field_1,..., local_field_n;
instance_field_1,..., instance_field_m.

Can you people help me on how to proceed stepwise??
Thanks in advance.