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    Unanswered: SettempVars Problem

    Now that I have finished the database I am now going back over it to try and make some improvments to help the user

    I am trying to create a tempvar which to my understanding is as follows

    TempVars.Add "user", Me.username.Value

    On another form I want an unbount txt box to equal the tempvar which to my understanding is put into the control source properties as the following statment


    But the text box remains empty

    Any Suggestions would be appriciated

    Thank you

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    There's nothing wrong with the syntax you're using, so the questions begging answers are:
    1. Where, and on what Form, are you creating the TempVars at?
    2. Is there, in fact, a Control on that Form named username? Check the spelling on this!
    3. Has the Form where the TempVars is being created been opened before the Form where you're using it

    BTW, user is a Reserved Word and shouldn't really be used as the name of anything. In this case it doesn't matter, but it could create problems if used in another context.

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    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the reply Missinglinq

    Knowing that the codeing was correct made be look else where, and resolved the problem I had two colums set when I set the temp var to

    TempVars.Add "user", Me.username.Column(1)

    It resolved the issue

    Thanks again

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