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    Post Unanswered: Back up and restore ?

    In DB2.

    1) How to restore the database from one server to another server with same name ?

    2)How to restore the database from one server to another server with different db name ?

    3)How to restore the database in the same server but different names?

    Please Provide me the solution for above questions...
    Let assume Database A and Database B.

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    All of the answers are clearly stated in the Command Reference manual under RESTORE command. PDF versions of the manual can be downloades, or you can use the web bases online InfoCenter. Make sure you get the right version of the doc to match your DB2 version.

    In cases where you are restoring to the same server with a different name, the container paths obviously have to be different so as to not over-write the existing database, so you need know whether you have automatic storage to determine how to redirect the storage to a new location.

    There is a command option of the RESTORE that just generates the RESTORE command for you (does not execute it) to make it easier to modify the destination container paths for a redirected restore.
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