Devart is glad to announce the new release of Code Compare 3.1, a free tool designed to compare and merge differing files and folders.

Devart presents the new version of Code Compare 3.1 with the addition of new extra features implemented to increase Devart users productivity. The new version of Devart comparison and merge tool will help developers to perform comparison tasks effortlessly and more efficiently.

Code Compare 3.1 new features:

  • The integration into Visual Studio 2013 is supported. The new version of Code Compare allows developers to perform all the operations with files and folders within one environment at the same time!
  • Code Compare integration into the Atmel Studio 6.1 is supported. Developers of Atmel processor-based and micro-controller applications are able to use all the advantages of Code Compare.
  • The Comparison process inside Visual Studio is improved.

To read more about Code Compare features users can visit the following product's page.

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