Hello everyone in the community. Luckily there are communities in web space.

I have some problems win an old application software and I would very much begging you for some help.
The software is an inventory and stores its data into .mdb files and runs under windows XP.
The company that created the software has closed and I have not support.
For the time being I have 2 questions.

1) I assume that the .mdb file version is 97 but I am not sure. Is there a way to find it for sure. Please do not propose me to write code.

2) When I run the application installation program (setup) it install the app.
Note: The application does not require to have installed the Microsoft Access.
I am wondering what should I do to upgrade my system with the most suitable updates so that my app to work better.

3) Last but not least. Could you propose any tools to repair the db?

Thanks a lot, in advance.