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    Help with First Normal Form

    So I'm learning about Normalisation and following this tutorial:

    The Normalisation Process

    Now the first process is to convert to 1NF and it says that to convert to 1NF, the repeating attributes must be removed. It uses this table as an example:

    And states that the repeating attributes are Employee No, Employee Name, Department No, Department Name and Hourly Rate. But looking at the table, I can see that all attributes repeat. Project Code repeats so why is that not taken out and put into another table?

    It's stressful because I understand 2NF and 3NF, it's just this that is difficult to grasp. Could somebody please explain? I'd be really grateful.

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    INF Trouble

    The employee & department details repeat as each project has many employees working on it, so the employee/details repeat for each Project Code.

    Project Code repeats for the reason given above, that is, each project can have many employees working on it. At the end of 1NF, the repeating attributes should be held in a relation as follows:

    Project Code PK
    Employee No PK
    Employee Name
    Department No
    Department Name
    Hourly Rate

    Hope this helps.

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