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    Unanswered: help required on performance tuning?

    i am newbie to Db2....
    i have some questions on performance tuning...
    1.i am coordinating with java team and they used only select queries with where clause. How can i improve performance for those tables which are calling in java pages?

    2. in one table , we used CLOB (800000) as datatype for one column. is CLOB datatype reduce performance and what is memory it takes?

    Thanks in advance...

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    as db2level/platform are not indicated : no link to infocenter can be provided
    in the db2 library there is a special book about performance tuning.
    I would strongly recommend you to :
    - learn first db2
    - tune a db (after having read some books)
    lobs, usually to do go to bufferpool .....
    tuning a db2 system should be done with care and well examined before changing any setting/defining any index.......
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    1. tables do not call in java pages.
    2. depending on what the processing is with this clob it may or may not affect performance.

    There are tons of implications in performance tuning. You really can't just say what do I do. You have to have a specific question for us to be able to help you or provide specific information about your systems and applications and cut us in on a paycheck.

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