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    Unanswered: Checking SQL Server permissions through vba

    Hi everyone,

    I'm working in an environment with SQL Server 2008 backend and Access 2003/2010 front end. I recently developed an access application that allows user's to select/insert/update/delete to linked tables.

    They now want to add an additional user group that will have read-only rights... The user group will have Select only permission on sql server. To accommodate this new group I want to modify some of the forms to hide the editable portions of the interface and lock down the fields. In order to this, I need some way of determining their permission level. My thinking is to check whether the current user has update permission and load the form accordingly.

    Does anyone know any way to check if a user has update permission on sql server through vba... Also is this a good approach? Any help would be appreciated.

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    SQL Server permissions are a lot more granular than your question indicates... The person or people in charge of the SQL database permissions can grant them at the column, table, schema, database, or server level. In other words, a give user might be able to update the employee name but not their salary even though both items are in the same row!

    Yes, VBA can run queries to find these permissions.

    Please re-think what you want to know, and re-phrase your question. I don't know any easy way to give you a simple/sensible answer based on the existing question.

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    Permissions in this case are being granted at a table level. I'm hoping there's a way you can check if update permissions are set for some given table through vba. Thanks for the reply and sorry for the lack of clarity... (I'm new to this)

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