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    Unanswered: Instance privileges issue

    Hello, We have a non-root installed 9.7.6 on Red hat 6.4. The second instance is root installed on the same box but at 9.7.8.
    Redirected restore of db backup from non-root to root install was successful.
    The database has some tablespaces set to automatic storage.

    The restored database connects fine. I can do binds using the instance id.
    With the instance ID, get dbsize fails:

    SQL0443N state=38553.

    When I attempt to grant select on catalog tables using instance id, it throws SQL0551N saying id does not have authorization or privilege to perform GRANT on the object.
    Any ideas ?

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    you need to transfer ownership of tables from old instance to new instance user using transfer ownership command.

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    "you need to transfer ownership..."
    not because this resolved another problem, that this will resolve all your problems.
    this problem has todo with authorities..
    check in doc how to assign sysadm and getting authorities for user...
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    After the restore object ownership does not change and remains as it was in the original database. Check out the registry variable DB2_RESTORE_GRANT_ADMIN_AUTHORITIES.
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    Thanks Everyone. I'll try that and respond back.

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    After setting registry variable DB2_RESTORE_GRANT_ADMIN_AUTHORITIES, the instance can call the get size procedure and grant privileges.
    Thanks to all for the quick response.

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