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    Unanswered: DB2 PureXML apend/concatenation question

    Can someone give me the syntax of a DB2 (LUW 9.7.8) XML update query to change the contents of a piece of XML within a XML document, and concatenate a string to an existing value (not knowing exactly what that value might be without looking it up).

    I understand a vanilla update statement would look something like this:

    update clients
    set contactinfo = xmlquery( '
    copy $new := $CONTACTINFO
    modify do replace value of $new/client/email with ""
    return $new' )
    where id = 3227;

    But I want to do something like what the following SQL would do, except do it inside the xquery (I want to concatenate a value to whatever comes back from the select, not knowing what the value is):

    update mytable.CONFIG set ENVIRONMENT=((select ENVIRONMENT from mytable.CONFIG where FILENAME='ServicePolicy.xml') || 'TEST') where FILENAME='ServicePolicy.xml'

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Not sure what you're trying to do, but consider the XML function fn:concat(). To get a better response you may want to show some sample "before" and "after" data, along with the table definition(s).
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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