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    Question Primitive Database Design in Visio


    I'm designing a database in Visio. I'm only able to edit the child side of the relationship ex. one-to-one or zero-to-one - using crows foot notation.

    Also, I'm in dire need of some help regarding compound keys and junction tables - and the logic surrounding implementing those.

    Take a look and please criticize.
    Keep in mind I can't properly adjust my relationship types.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A few comments :-
    1) Why is ProjectID in the Customers table ?
    2) Your CustomerProjects table implies many Customers can be involved in a Project - is this true ?
    3) In the EmployeeProjects you might need to allow for Employees to be on a Project for different periods of time.
    4) For style, I recommend putting the foreign keys directly after the Primary Key.
    5) On my Database Answers Web Site, I have over 60 Customer-related Models that you might find interesting.


    Barry in London

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