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    Unanswered: Storing a TempVar in a table

    Good Evening

    I have a login Screen on launch of the database which records the tempvar of the user

    TempVars.Add "user", Me.username.Column(1)

    I have a form "Incrptfrm" which has it control source to a table Incrpttbl

    One of the feilds within the table and form is "Attended By" which is to be set to the Tempvar.

    The tempvar displays in an unbound text box with =[tempvars]![user] in the control source but this is not applicable as I need the information to be stored in the table not just displayed on the form.

    I have tired setting the default value in the properties sheet for "Attended By" to [tempvars]![user] which was demostrated on utube but this does not work.

    Any Suggestions would be helpful

    Thank you

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    I added a beforeupdate event as follows and this has worked, maybe of use to others seeking the same problem.

    me.Your Feild Name here = [TempVars]![Your TempVar Name Here]

    In my Case

    Me.Attended_By = [TempVars]![User]

    Kind Regards

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