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    Unanswered: exporting data from access to word

    Another post for the great guys

    My boss has requested me to export data from access table/queries to a pre - formatted word document. the document includes tables, and charts and i want to be able to update the chart data from access as well.

    thanks in advance for the great replies

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    this may be a radical thought...
    have you tried doing rather than expecting others to do your thinking for you. heck if you coudl drop ud your boss's contacxt detaisl we coudl do the work directly...

    one of the grate bendifts of using Microsoft Office is that any other office product is realtively easily 'driven' buy another office product. so you can open an instance of word from within Access then do what you'd normally do in word but via code from Access.
    that does mean delvign into the internals of word, and how it creates charts (programitically).

    however it does beg the question why do it in word when you could fake the whole process as an Access report and then save that as a PDF... no one would be any the wiser.

    probably the 'right' way to do this would be to set up your word document AS a TEMPLATE and then import the tables (as SQL query/queries) into the documents, import the data as a query into your chart in word

    if it were me I'd fake a word document as an Access report, improting chunks of text if required from word documents... but thats because mainly Im a db developer not a word vba pilot
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