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    Exclamation Unanswered: Creating mandatory field in a form once another field is updated

    Hoping someone can help!

    I have a form that has a field called status after inspection which is linked to a table which has approx. 20 status's:

    I need when 20 of those status if one is selected into my form for the fields diameter & height to become mandatory fields (both these fields are dropdown) and if any of the other status's are chosen to have diameter, height and complete (date) field mandatory.

    Can this be done?

    Only one status can be entered per job but if it changes the mandatory additional fields need to activate.

    Hope that makes sence.

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    should be easy enough to implement

    is it just the one status that requires the diameter and height, or is it several.

    for me Id add a column to the status table that indicted if these values were required
    then when those statuses were chose Id take appropriate action. id probable hide or disable the controls if not required, and show/enable if rrequired

    in the forms before update event I'd test to see if the controls were enabled or visible and if so then validate the data.
    you'd also need to pace your visible/enable property in the forms on current event
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    I'll give that a go and let you know thank you for your help.

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    There are over 10 which require diameter and height and approx 7 that require diameter height and complete date.
    Is there some sort of code for this thing rather than hide?

    Sorry I'm fairly new with acces.

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