Hey everyone,

I'm using Access 2010 to create a database for a community legal centre where basically we want to put all the other community service providers in our area to make refering people easy.

What my boss has requested I make is a query of check boxes. IE each service provider then has a list of Yes/No boxes with various signifiers, ie that service deals with domestic violece. The idea being when someone calls us we can just be like oh you're suffering domestic violence in x city, then click two or 3 buttoms and have a list of all the places which serve domestic violence victims in that city. (Some service providers may serve mutliple cities which is why that can't be a combo box).

At the moment I have it all set up but it is fundamentally flawed. For example, if I click domestic violence and city x, I will get and only get the, the records which are both in city x and serve domestic violence, but will not see an organisation which is in city x and serves domestic violence but also helps out with criminal matters.

Basically I want my search to make the check boxes ticked on the search form sufficent but not exclusive. So if I click city x and domestic violence I get all records with both city x and domestic violence not just the records with only city x and domestic violence.

Currently my criteria reads:

Like "*" & [Forms]![OrganisationsMultiSearchF]![Taree LGA] & "*"

[Taree LGA] being the check box on the search form.

Any help would be much appreciated.