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    Question Unanswered: How to make a query criteria sufficient but not exclusive?

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm trying to make a organisations database for the community legal centre I'm doing an internship at. Basically we want to be able to easily find appropriate services to refer people to. For instance if someone calling up who is suffering domestic violence in city x then to be able to go to a search form, click a box saying city x and a box saying domestic violence and then have a list of all the organisations which have been ticked as both covering city x and domestic violence.

    My problem so far is that when you click city x and domestic violence it will only show you a list of organisations which have been tagged city x and domestic violence, so if an organisation also happens to cover city y or criminal law as well for example it won't show up. When I click city x and domestic violence I want all records clicked with city x and domestic violence not just the records with only city x and domestic violence. Basically I want my selections in the search form to the considered sufficient but not exclusive.

    The current criteria I am using for my search is Like "*" & [Forms]![OrganisationsMultiSearchF]![Mental Illness] & "*" with Mental Illness being the check box.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    To make this simpler I've made a test databse with merely a name and 3 checkbox variables, Grand, Uber and Exta.

    Currently my Query is

    SELECT [Test Table].Organisation, [Test Table].Grand, [Test Table].Uber, [Test Table].Extra
    FROM [Test Table]
    WHERE ((([Test Table].Grand)=Forms![Search Form]!Grand) Or (([Test Table].Uber)=Forms![Search Form]!Uber) Or (([Test Table].Extra)=Forms![Search Form]!Extra));

    Which just gives me everything. When I make the connector And I the problem outlined in my original post.+

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