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    Normalization software

    Hi guys,

    I am new here and new of course in databases. I need to ask if there is any specific software that make normalization (UNF,1NF...etc) and ER Diagrams after I install all the requirements.

    Please advice

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    Please re-phrase your question. It doesn't make sense to me as you've stated it.

    There are packages that will allow you to create ER drawings. Some support a single notation (crow's foot, IDE1FX, etc.) and others support many. Some only manage the ERD, some will forward engineer an ERD diagram into a database, and a few will reverse engineer a diagram from an existing database. Many tools deal with a specific database engine, only a few will support many engines.

    I don't know of any tool that has sufficient AI (Artificial Intelligence) to ask the questions needed in order to do normalization. This would be a fantastic Masters thesis project even if it was only partially complete (the problem itself is by definition both unbounded and NP complete).

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    I have this moment the Smart Draw and just think if there is any way to put all the information (normalization, attributes). and then create me the ER.

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