I am an extreme beginner to databases as you will know by reading this question.

How would I view the amount of tables in a sql database I have on my local machine?

I have been backing up copies of a database for a long time and really don't know if those backups are good. I would like to be able to look at the contents of what I am backing up locally to compare what is sitting on the server.

I know on the server the database has 302 tables so I'm hoping to open my example.sql file and see if it has 302 tables as well. Is this possible to do easily?

I have sequel pro running on my mac but when I click to open the sql file (which is about 1.9 gigs) it fills my entire macbook up in storage (50 gigs worth) and basically crashes my machine. Apparently I am approaching this wrong.

Any help for a newb like myself would be GREATLY appreciated.