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    Unanswered: ssis validation task

    Hi everyone,

    we are using validation using with .net program, uploading the excel sheet , when validating the data if any error data stored in the excel sheet if validation success data sored in the main table in sql database, so i want to know how to use this with ssis packages ,pls i need the ssis task and how to design. the code is given below.

    /****** Script for SelectTopNRows command from SSMS ******/
    SELECT TOP 1000 [ApplicationSrNo]
    FROM Citi.[dbo].[tbl_ApplicationsUpload_Error]

    i need help pls.


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    The SELECT statement that you posted can be included in a SQL Task within a SSIS package "as is", you don't need to change it at all.

    I'm not sure that I understood your question. Please feel free to explain your problem further if this answer doesn't help you.

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