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    Unanswered: i need help with my database. would be glad if someone could help me

    Using PL/SQL, create two functions as specified below:
    (a) to calculate and return the total number of different task-types involved in a given project.
    (b) to calculate and return the total number of estimated hours involved in a given stage when it was first issued (ie before any changes to estimated hours were made).
    (Code scripts, including SELECT statements to test each function + „print screen‟ of the output from each test statement. )
    Perform an analysis of the given logical database design in relation to the given „selected business processes‟, then, using the pro-forma provided, write a summary of which business processes are currently fully supported / partially supported / not supported and what additional data would be required to fully support those „selected business processes‟ that are not currently fully supported.
    (Completed logical design analysis document.)

    Attached is the ERD which also has to be extended.

    Thanks. i really need this work by the 30th. i will appreciate a good help.
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    You have two weeks to complete this assignment, please give it a try and if you can't get help from the instructor or staff then post the questions that stump you. You and your instructor won't learn anything if you don't do the assignment and ask questions, this is a part of the learning process that you can't really avoid.

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