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    Unanswered: Posting MySql value to web page.

    I am trying to display a price from a table I created in MySQL to a web page. I have created a php form to open and select the home. The data base is simple with a table called homes fields home - size and 4 price fields one being mobile which I am showing here. My problem is figuring out how to get the information to show up on my designs.html page. Below is the code I am using, I would appreciate any assistance.

    php for opening database and file. data2.php
    $q = "SELECT * FROM homes WHERE home='solera'";
    $result = @mysqli_query ($dbcon, $q);
    $row = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC;
    echo ' . $row['mobile'] . ';?>

    html on page to request it on designs.html
    <div class="homes">
    <div class="home"><img src="../images/homes/Solera.jpg" alt="Solera Home"/><br>
    The Solera $<?php src="data2.php"?></div>

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    HTML pages can't parse PHP.

    Change designs.html to designs.php and have a play then
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