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    Unanswered: Three-way join missing values from third table

    have a three way join that grabs the correct amount of rows but returns blank values. The table names and column names are correct. On the last join, does indeed match SOD.orderID. I tested it with just the first join and it worked. The [!prefix] is a platform requirement and not affecting the results. It is possible to join two tables to one table?

    'SELECT, S.price, SD.store_value AS type, SOD.quantity
    FROM [!prefix]store as S
    JOIN [!prefix]storedetail as SD
    ON S.`int` = SD.storeID
    LEFT JOIN [!prefix]store_orders_details as SOD
    ON S.`int` = SOD.orderID
    WHERE S.`int` = ?';

    ^This is the query I am using. This gave me All the appropriate column titles and values except for SOD.quantity. SOD.quanitity is blank. I double-checked the table and there are values there. I would think that if it had the right column, it would grab the value in the column?

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    Its strange that S.`int` works for linking to both SD.storeID and SOD.orderID.

    I'm going to guess tthat you meant for the final join statement to be:

    LEFT JOIN store_order-details as SOD
    ON SD.orderID = SOD.orderID.
    If that's not the solution, then can you submit the Create Table statements?

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